Society Registration

For Registration of the Coop. Societies, application shall be made in the prescribed Form “A” duly filled in and signed by at least ten persons, and incase of Housing Societies by at least 5 members. The application shall be accompanied by following documents:-

Cooperative Principles :

  • Four copies of the proposed bye-laws of the society.
  • A certificate from the Bank or Banks, stating the credit balance in favour of the proposed society therein.
  • A list of persons who have contributed to the Share capital, together with the amount contributed by each of them and the entrance fee ‘paid by them.
  • A copy of the Scheme showing the details explaining how the working of the society will be economically sound and where the Scheme envisages the holding of immovable property by the society, the description of immovable property proposed to be purchased, acquired or transferred to the society.
  • A copy of file resolution passed at the promoter’s meeting appointing the Chief Promoter, duly signed by the promoters.

As per Section 5 of the said Act only such society may be registered as a Co.operative Society under this Act which provides in its bye-laws for the social and economic betterment of its members through self help and mutual aid in accordance with the Co. operative principles.

As per the Rule 8 of the said Rules the Registrar shall classify the societies so registered into one or other of the following classes.

  • Agricultural Marketing Society.
  • Agricultural Service Co. operative Society.
  • Apex Society.
  • Consumer Co. operative society.
  • Co. operative Bank.
  • Cooperative Farming Societies.
  • Co. operative Housing Society.
  • Processing Society.
  • Product`s Society .
  • Resource Society.
  • Lift Irrigation Society.
  • General Society.

 "Form 'A'"